Children aged 6 months to 5 years

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“Education is not something which the teacher does, but it is a natural process that develops spontaneously in the human being."

We maintain all the necessary records electronically and our parents are able to contribute to the child's learning as they are updated through the system. This highly effective system supports the cycle of observations, assessment and planning to monitor the child's ongoing learning and development.

All our working documents policies and procedures that are required for efficient and safe management of the nursery are on the system which is accessible 24/7 through the system. Once you enroll with Acorn you will get a login and password for which Parents can login to the system and view the child's Diaries, Progress, Assessment , Observations, Photographs, read  Policies & Permissions and more your child’s records are shared with you. We also keep developmental progress reports on the children and these follow them during their time at the nursery.